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Yoni Massage Canberra
Yoni Massage Canberra

Kelly is qualified and accredited
as a Yoni Massage Practitioner through
'The Temple of She'
as well as being  a qualified as a SEXOLOGICAL BODYWORKER - 'Explosive Sexual Healing Practitioner'
from her extensive studies in the USA.

Yoni Massage Options

Yoni Massage - You are Sacred Beyond -  3hrs

Deluxe Yoni Massage - The True Goddess Package - 4 hrs

Post Birth Yoni Massage - 2.5 hrs

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What Women are Saying

"This was the most amazing massage I have ever had in my life (and I've had a lot!!). Kelly's space is so beautiful, and I always felt completed supported and in control of my session. The body work part of the massage was amazing, it is hard to describe but I felt so relaxed and such a release just from this part of the massage. The yoni massage part felt very much out of my comfort zone when I went for my session, but Kelly was so empowering and respectful that I felt completely safe to experience it. I loved my Yoni Massage so much and cannot wait to book in for more!"

"My yoni massage experience with Kelly was truly magical, sacred, and ultimately life changing! From the moment I arrived she made me feel like I was in a very safe space. She always asked for my permission throughout the whole session which I was very grateful for. I will definitely do this sacred experience with Kelly again."

"Kelly created a beautiful and sacred space for the practice. She made me feel safe and quietly encouraged me with my breathing.

Kelly had a gentle but firm touch which completely relaxed me throughout the full body massage, and I was surprisingly not shy or self-conscious. I left the session feeling light and at peace with myself"

"This was my first yoni massage. I felt called to this session. When Kelly organised the space, I realised there was a synchronicity with the location. The synchronicity confirmed being called to this session. There was a lot of unresolved hurt that needed to be loved. There was a synchronicity with the music - which as I recall a particular song played twice. It felt natural, as if I had been in this healing space a thousand times before. Actually, it was part of the 'Self' I had yearned for all of my life. It opened another dimension of self-love."

"Kelly made me feel very safe at all times in her sacred space. She always asked for my permission before moving onto different areas of my body. At the end of the session I felt like I had been cracked wide open which I had never experienced before."

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Post Birth Yoni Massage is for Women who have just transitioned through the Sacred Threshold into Motherhood. A lot of birth trauma held in the Yoni and the Post Birth Yoni massage is a beautiful ceremony to offer physical healing to the Yoni including anointment with herbal infused ritual oils and balms. After having such an expanding growth experience of giving birth, no matter what type of birth you experienced, Post Birth Yoni Massage is all about honouring YOU as the Woman and as the Mother. This is your time to

R-E-C-E-I-V-E Sacred Ceremony. These sessions can take place from 8 weeks postpartum onwards. The session is 2.5hrs, as most Mums need to return to Bub for feeding. As such you will have a 1/2 hour phone chat with Kelly in the weeks prior to your session.

A note from Kelly 

I believe that every woman is energetically coded with the power and
potential to unlock the secrets of her feminine spirit and Queen Sheba
nature through the awakening of her orgasmic core.

And that when a woman fully opens to the infinite possibilities of
her Orgasmic Potential, then she awakens to the infinite possibilities
not just in her intimate relationships but in every aspect of her life.

Knowing that women live their entire lives and enter the grave never
unlocking the most potent part of themselves is the ultimate
deprivation of the true feminine spirit and it brings tears to my eyes

It's why I do this powerful work. At one time I thought I knew all there 
was to know about the possibilities of my sexuality... but woah, was I wrong. It was during an explosive bodywork session that I surprised not just myself, but apparently every participant on the course, including the founder, who told me that this was true QUEEN energy. 
It’s an experience that changed my life. It led me to fully owning my gift and finally acknowledging my true power and purpose: to lead other women to a true orgasmically awakened existence.

This work will AMPLIFY that!  
It will remove anything that's in the way.  
The programs and the conditioning.. anything that's not who you truly are!


You want to claim all of who you are! Let's do it!

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Prowess Lioness Article written by Indiana Holley of Indah Pages

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Have you got questions about Yoni Massage?  Book in for a free 15min call with Kelly here to ask your questions.


I also offer Yoni Massage for Couples. This is for Couples who really want to go through the process together as an expanding experience and bonding for the two of them. This is via application only.  It involves a number of zoom sessions prior to the Yoni Massage.  Please email Kelly at to express your interest. 

After pay is available through PayPal
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