Womb Massage Canberra Kelly Wolf

What is Womb Massage?

  • A traditional Maori healing from Aotearoa - NZ. The womb massage is an external manipulation of womb and belly – activating, energetically rebalancing and aligning this holy place. It has been used for thousands of years in Maori tradition

  • A safe sacred modality that helps to clear past trauma, ancient wounding and cellular memory that no longer serves your highest potential.

  • Assisting you to reclaim your power and wisdom, 

  • This is a non-intrusive massage, where the Wharetangata (womb) is accessed externally, and does not require nudity.

  • The massage component is a safe nurturing experience that is non invasive and does not require internal work.

  • This work may also serve to improve reproductive conditions and increase fertility.

  • A womb massage works in stages, first the upper buttox and lower back, then the abdomen and ribcage, as well as a guided meditation to assist with integration of the clearing and upgrading of energy within the body.

  • A FREE follow up call within 30 days of your session to answer questions surrounding the integration and healing process. 

  • The Session is 2.5hrs $259.00

  • This session begins with a foot bathing ritual before the Womb Massage begins.

  • This modality is Not suitable for pregnant women.

Kelly has been trained in this Ancient Womb massage practice through the

Womb Keys Initiate Training WA.