Terms & Conditions

Making a booking into any Class, workshop or event means that you have read and agree with the following Terms & Conditions:

I agree to take full responsibility for my wellbeing while participating in any Sacred Union Yoga and/or Dance workshop, class or event. I agree to listen and follow all instructions carefully to avoid injuries to my body and I understand that no responsibility will be taken for injuries from or as a result of my participation in Sacred Union Yoga and/or Dance workshop, class or event.  I consent to participating in Sacred Union Yoga and/or Dance and understand it involves teachings and practices of a sensitive and intimate nature. I take full responsibility for myself, my body and my feelings at all times. For any serious health concerns or medical conditions I may have, I agree I have consulted my doctor and gained permission to practice.

There are no makeup classes for non-attendance.  

Booking into any 1:1 Session with Kelly you also agree to the above terms & conditions.

If you need to reschedule an appointment you must give 48hrs notice.  Makeup sessions are not available if the session is missed or cancelled within 48hrs of your appointment.