What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is an ancient system that stretches back to the far reaches of human history.  Humanity's belief in sound as a creative force is as old as time.  Creation myths stretch across the world and although their stories may differ what often binds them together is the theme of therapeutic sound.  In ancient Indian texts, for example OM (AUM) is described as the sound of creation.  John, in the Christian Bible, tells of the beginning coming from the word.  This illustrates not only the extent to which ancient humans understood sound's universal possibilities, but also the immense potential sound has as a powerful healing force.

Throughout human history, sound has been intimately intertwined with our daily practices, meditations, celebrations, rites of passage and sacred ceremonies.  Shamans, priests, priestesses, healers, masters and medicine men and woman from the four corners of earth have worked with sound in sacred ways since ancient times and have created many sound instruments as tools to assist them in their work.  It is no coincidence that in the modern world there is a renewed sense of interest in sacred and ancient sound instruments.  Spiritual seekers, who often are searching for answers to life that cannot be found in the material world, are beginning once more to hear the call of sound.  Now, more than ever, they are using sound as an aid to meditation, as a holistic healing tool and to connect with the spiritual side of life.

Working with therapeutic sound can bring about immense changes on every level of being: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.  Therapeutic sound tools create natural waves of pure sound that both feed and strengthen the being as a whole.  The pure, clear sound waves emitted from therapeutic sound tools work through sympathetic resonance and go to where they are needed.

Both the earth and our physical bodies contain approximately 70% water.  Dr Masaru Emoto has conducted amazing research that shows what vibration frequencies do to water.  This is what is happening to the water inside you when you receive sound healing.

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Sacred Union – The Sacred Marriage within you. Liberate, awaken and balance your feminine magic and your masculine power in this ancient Sound Healing Ceremony.

In Sacred Union Sound Healing you will engage in the dance between the Feminine and Masculine to reach the point of complete union and oneness within yourself.


The ultimate practice of Self-Love.


Each of the aspects of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine reside within us (both men & women). They play out in our lives in either Light or Shadow. By giving these aspects a space to be truly felt, seen, expressed and acknowledged you create sacred balance -the Sacred Union within yourself.


In this Sound Journey Kelly & Stuart will take you into the realms of the Sacred Masculine through Sound, then into the realms of the Sacred Feminine through Sound and then will bring them into Union together inside of you through Sound!

Kelly & Stuart harness the Sound Vibrations through the use of the ancient sound instruments, bowls, gongs, tuning forks, didgeridoo’s and rattles journeying your DNA back in time, spiralling backwards to remove your blocks and allow your ancient knowledge to re-awaken so that you can propel forwards into your true self…


Further to the ancient sound tools, their most potent Sound Healing instrument is their Voices… Two Twin Flames opening their channels to allow the healing sound to vibrate through their Vocals… and when you experience these two voices together…. that’s when you step through the Sacred Thresholds into your own Unconditional Sacred Union Love within.


In this Sacred Union Sound Healing Ceremony you will create and initiate a powerful intention for yourself and your life and you will have the opportunity to open into the Sound and the Sound of ‘who you are’. You will also experience the power of your breath... be ready to breathe new life into your cells.


Kelly & Stuart are Twin Flames & Soul Partners on Life Purpose.

Kelly & Stuart are here to raise the vibration of the planet. They are here to work with those who are ready to get out of the Matrix, to forget everything they have ever been told and to travel their own inner road back to their own ancient wisdom and the wisdom of their ancestors.

Tuesdays 6.30pm-8.30pm 

Sacred Union Sound Healing - The Ancestors Series with Stuart & Kelly Wolf


Journey through Sound with the Ancestors







Ancient Wisdom


The Hero's Journey


All Sacred Union offerings journey into the Sacred Masculine (Yang) and Sacred Feminine (Yin) energies to bring you into Union. Equally in flow and on purpose.  This Series you will do so through the realm of your Inner Child.


These classes are limited to 6 places. So please book early to avoid missing out. 

Classes are 2 hours, Tuesday’s 6.30-8.30pm. No need to bring yoga mats or cushions, all is supplied, just bring your water bottle. 


Dates for this series: November 5,12,19,26, December 3,10.


The Centre of Sacred Union, 20 Marjorie Cres Batehaven NSW.



3 hr Intensive Sacred Union Sound Healing - 'Intimate - limited to 10 people'

Intimate Event Sacred Union Sound Healing - 3hr Intensive

Date and Time

Sat 19 October 2019, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


57 Beach Rd, Batemans Bay NSW 2536, Australia

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3hr Intensive Sacred Union Sound Healing Event

3hr Intensive Sound Healing Event

Saturday 19 October 2019



Moruya NSW


3hr Intensive Sacred Union Sound Healing

3hr - Sacred Union Sound Healing - Inner Child Intensive



Sacred Union Sound Healing Taster Class

Sacred Union Sound Healing Taster Class - Inner Child


Sacred Union Sound Healing 1:1 Session

1hr session with Stuart $90.

1hr session with both Stuart & Kelly $111. (If you want two practitioners working on you at once, especially if you are drawn to Sacred Union or Twin Flame energy, this is for you)

These sessions are available in Canberra and the South Coast.  Please email us to book your session. More info


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