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3 Months that will change your life

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Private Sex Coaching with Kelly Wolf

12 weekly 1 hour sessions via zoom

Access to Kelly via email in-between sessions

I teach women how to harness the true power of their orgasms.

Did you know that a clitoral orgasm on its own depletes Lifeforce energy?

Did you know that women are capable of having internal orgasms (various types and multiple) without penetration?

These are all ancient teachings in Tantric, Taoist and Egyptian philosophies.

Did you know that our sexual energy is our Lifeforce energy?

It is the elixir of life and the fountain of youth.

Do you know that your Orgasms can increase your vitality, strengthen your immune system and unlock your Queen Sovereignty which is

pure manifestation and magnetism?

(once purchased, Kelly will contact you to organise

your weekly appointment time that suits you both)

*sessions are recorded - so you keep the content forever

I don't need to say anymore.. when you know you know..


Let's begin...

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