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"While teaching Sacred Union Yoga and Dance... one of the meditations I take women through is during the meditation they enter a cave... in the cave they are naked and they have their bodies painted by their ancestors. Through these meditations women were having the most profound and powerful experiences, so much so, that afterward they would share with me and describe how their bodies were painted and the colours and patterns that were painted, how it felt to be painted and the energy transference that they received from the experience of being painted... after one particularly powerful session I thought to myself... why can’t I make this a reality for women?? Why can’t I arrange it so that they CAN have their bodies painted! and then... what if they were then photographed to capture the moment, to capture the energy and the experience... I contacted the most amazing photographer I know and put the project to her... she was an immediate yes... I contacted two artists that I know and their response was also a yes!!! And so this project was born... it was an incredibly powerful experience and my hope with the sharing of these images is that women will see themselves in the images... they will see their own stretch marks, their own rolls, their own shape, their own breasts, their own curves and that they will think... oh my goodness it’s beautiful... it’s perfectly imperfect and it’s beautiful.’ - Kelly Wolf, Founder of Sacred Union Yoga & Dance" All of these women photographed are Sacred Union Yoga & Dance Students. They really had to reach that point of love, acceptance and grace within their bodies.. that doesn't mean it was easy they definitely had to get past that voice that says 'I can't do this because____'. They had to find that inner stillness, their inner Sacred Union within. It was humbling and inspiring to share this experience with these incredible women. Thank you Tracy Lee Photography Thank you Ange Broso Thanks you Evelyn Joy ART You can find out more about Sacred Union Yoga & Dance at Please SHARE this to support people loving their bodies xx



If you would like to have your body painted contact Kelly

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