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What Women Are Saying

“This course is life changing and life affirming. A chance to gain sacred knowledge; connect and share with other women; and be pushed forward by Kelly's vibrancy, insight and encouragement. It's about reconnecting with your body, your sexuality, your spirit, your strength and power. It is gentle and safe while also challenging you to move away from old junk, move out of old patterns and explore different ways of being.

For anyone thinking about doing this course I would say: take the plunge. Do something brave for yourself and see what happens.” - Laura, 37

"I was only able to have clitoral orgasms my whole life.  Now I can have all of the types of Orgasms Kelly taught me about.  This has been Life Changing!" - Rebecca 33


“Sacred Sexuality level 1 introduced me to principles and theories I had never heard of or explored before which are so fascinating and empowering!
This course has helped me open my mind and heart to new possibilities and experiences in life. I have exponentially increased my level of self love and self awareness through Kelly’s teachings and I now have a deeper and more nourishing experience of life.
The power of such subtle and gentle practices is mind blowing. Through them I have found more courage, strength and vulnerability and the permission to step into my own power to fully express myself in this world and it feels amazing.
If you feel intrigued by the sound of this course then I encourage you to jump in. It provides the most incredible opportunity to explore the deeper parts of yourself in a safe and supported way.
This course is intimate, sacred and powerful. A true gift to every single woman on the planet. Thank you, Kelly, for showing us all how freaking amazing we are!” - Fleur, 41


A note from Kelly:

I teach women how to harness the true power of their orgasms.

Did you know that a clitoral orgasm on its own depletes Lifeforce energy?

Did you know that women are capable of having internal orgasms (various types and multiple) without penetration?

These are all ancient teachings in Tantric, Taoist and Egyptian philosophies.

Did you know that our sexual energy is our Lifeforce energy. It is the elixir of life and the fountain of youth.  Did you know that your Spirituality and Sexuality cannot be separated?

Do you know that your Orgasms can increase your vitality and strengthen your immune system?

Sacred Sexuality for Women


Sacred Sexuality Level 1 - This 6 week course can be taken as a pre-recorded course online.  Or LIVE online through ZOOM.

Are you truly ready to own all of who you are?

Are you ready to understand how your sexual energy truly works?

Are you ready to use your sexual energy as life-force energy for health, vitality

+ to expand your consciousness?  

Are you ready to release the shackles of conditioning?

Do you want to deepen your relationship with yourself & your loved ones?

Find your power & own your sovereignty.

In this course you will learn ancient theory and techniques in Tantra, Taoist, & Egyptian philosophies. You will learn ancient practices and techniques to allow you to tap into your sexual energy at a deeper level. You will have homework and reading assignments. You will also learn how to use a 'jade egg'.


Sexuality has been polluted by an industry selling pornography and products to humans that actually keep them further disconnected from their Sexual Sovereignty.  It's time to reclaim yourself and be educated about the truth of Sexuality.  It's time to return to the Sacredness and the Sovereignty of this gift that we all have. It's time to work with the energies for our health & wellbeing, our creativity and our expanding consciousness. It's already all within you.  

Begin the Pre-recorded course now

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Join the next LIVE course beginning 8 Feb 2023

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This ONLINE class is also run LIVE.  If you want to participate LIVE... see the Sacred Union Embodiment Facebook page for the next start date.


In Sacred Sexuality Level 1, you learn how to use a Jade Egg.

Sacred Sexuality Level 2 - is open to women who have completed Level One.

 LIVE online through ZOOM.  Details are given in Level 1


AfterPay is available through PayPal

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