6 Day Retreat 24-30 November 2019



Find your Sacredness in Ubud Bali


Sacred Union Ubud Retreat 24-30 November 2019

Join Stuart and Kelly for an amazing 6 day retreat in Ubud Bali.

Each day you will open your body and the realm of the senses with Sacred Union Yoga.  You will experience the profound effects, clear blocks and raise your vibration with Sacred Union Sound Healing.  You will also participate in other Sacred Union practices and group transformation sessions to assist you to find your own way back to your inner knowing so that you can move forward into the life you desire.  Our sessions are deeply steeped in ceremony and intention… your own inner Sacred Union will be remembered, re-activated and propel you forward into creating the life you have always wanted to live. You will also receive a 1:1 Sound Healing Session with Kelly and Stuart inside a cave.  Completely let go into an amazing full day spa treatment from the best place in Ubud.  A blessing with a priestess and experience some of the best music and dancing that Ubud has to offer.  This retreat will be fun, deep, transformative, sacred and unforgettable.   This retreat is $2500.  $500 to secure your spot, payment plans available.  This includes retreat accommodation, all yoga sessions, sound healing and workshops, 2 meals per day, activities, FULL day spa treatment,  your 1:1 session in the cave plus your transfers to and from the airport.  This price does not include airfares.  Numbers are limited and spaces are filling up fast so please email us to receive your booking form.

September 18, 2020

Sacred Union Women’s Retreat 

A full weekend immersion:

Sessions in:

Sacred Union Yoga

Sacred Union Dance

Sacred Union Energy Knowledge & Transformation 

Sacred Temple Dancing and 

Sacred Union Sound Healing...

All while being held in the most beautiful nature and amazing nourishment provided by Three Feathers Wild. 


Retreat begins Friday evening and finishes 4pm Sunday.


Investment - $569

Or 3 payments of $199


Includes 2 nights accommodation & food.


You will need to bring your yoga mat, water bottle & journal.


Spaces are limited

 10am-5.00pm each day.  Delicious sensual lunches provided.

Do you and your Partner want to:

* Deepen your connection.

* Increase your intimacy.

* Improve your communication.

* Awaken your Sensuality.

* Have consciousness expanding (wake the neighbours) Sex.

This retreat is for Couples who want to re-ignite their spark, or for Couples who already feel connected and wanted to take that connection into an even deeper, more sacred place.  $750 per couple

From one of our couples:

Dear Kelly & Stuart,

I want to thank you both for the weekend we just had with you.

Words cannot explain the deep gratitude I have and the deep, deep transformation that took place over the weekend.

I can honestly say our relationship (and especially sex life) will never EVER be the same again!

I said to Luke this morning I can see why you were so excited for us, because what I experienced this morning, last night (and even on weekend) is no doubt nothing yet! And only the tip of the iceberg of what we can experience together!

Luke is raving about it. Admitting to me later that he didn't think he'd get much out of the weekend and how wrong he was! (Love it when a man can admit they were wrong 😉)

Its so cute to see him keep going on about how this needs to be made public and be mandatory for all couples!

And get this ....

When we got home he just about ran up to my sister (who was looking after our boys) and told her all about how amazing the weekend was and how its an absolute must for everyone. And then tried to convince her to do it ... and she isn't even in a relationship! Which I tried to explain to him and her that it was a 'couples' thing and he was like, it doesn't matter. This information is an absolute must for everyone and future relationships. Needless to say he gained a lot this weekend! 

Honestly thank you both so much. 

And so the journey begins 💞

You are also very free and welcome to use any of it on your website, Facebook or wherever to help endorse, encourage and invite others to undergo this amazing offering.

Love you both 😚
Nicole & Luke

Sacred Union Couples Weekend Retreat with Kelly & Stuart Level Two BATEMANS BAY

Dates can be booked by emailing us.

This Retreat is for Couples who have previously attended our Level One Retreat!

This weekend will take you even deeper. We will be doing much more 'hands on' bodywork in Level 2, this will be very powerful as you have already started working with the energy body. There will also be breathing techniques for the men to delay ejaculation and specific information about orgasms, orgasmic energy, orgasmic manifesing and breast massage. Deep connection exercises and a very special meditation technique. $750 per couple

Personalised Week Long Sacred Union Lovers Retreat. One Couple Only TOMAKIN NSW

Completely PRIVATE Couples Retreat, just for you and your partner.  You will have the most amazing accommodation on the South Coast of NSW.  You will have Kelly & Stuart as your personal guides each day.  All of your meals and needs taken care of so that you can both focus on each other.

Each day you will have sessions of Sacred Union Yoga and Sound Healing, as well as Teachings on Sacred Taoist, Tantric & Egyptian Practices.  During the week you will receive training in Connection, Communication, Sacred Yoni massage, Sacred fellatio, Yoni eggs, Yoni Steaming, harnessing your sexual life-force energy.  You will be pampered with a couples massage and a special evening out of fine dining.  All of this while completely immersed in the most gorgeous nature and privacy to experiment with your new learnings.  The location is on the river,  5 minutes  from amazing beaches. Luxurious, Peacefull, Romantically Private Riverside Cottage. With Rustic Boatshed with Jetty. All food, accommodation and activities are included.  $11,000

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This is our signature program with both Kelly & Stuart as your guides.


Stepping you through an intensive transformational process to Step into your Truth, your Power, your Greatness, ultimately your Higher Self.


Stepping into your Higher Self means stepping into the very best version of yourself you can be. It means dropping the illusion, your doubts and the programming you have been fed to find your Authenticity and Claim your Sovereignty. 


With Stuart and Kelly you will be seen, heard, witnessed and honoured, we will be your support and your guides, holding you in Sacred Space and pushing you beyond what you thought was possible, so that you can stand tall, completely in alignment and embodied in your Higher Self. 


Over the 90 days you will experience specifically crafted for you, with both Kelly and Stuart as your practitioners in every session:

4 x Sound Healing Vibration raising sessions 

4 x Sacred Union Yoga sessions

4 x Coaching Sessions


This program is for those who are tired of living life the way they thought it was supposed to go (ie go to school, get a good job, settle down) and have always felt that there was something more... something more inside of them and something more to experience. 


This program is also for those who want an intensive break though, who are ready for real change and not just talking about it. 


We are dedicated to raising the vibration of the planet and if we can help one individual at a time to step into their Higher Self, this is achieving that purpose. We will be dedicated to your transformation, we will be your biggest support team, we will be relentless in the pursuit of your goals and we will celebrate with you in your greatness. 


$1,111 Please email us to discuss availability. 

Sacred Union 90 day Transformational Program-
Step into your Higher Self
You deserve to love yourself and live a life of truth and authenticity.

Be the Sensual, Sacred, Alive, Vibrant, Authentic woman that you are!


Do you want to deepen your relationship with yourself?

Do you want to create more intimacy and connection with your partner?

Do you want to develop your sacred energy?

Do you want the power of your sensuality to assist you in every aspect of your life?

Do you want to clear blocks that are getting in the way of you being the real 'you'?

Do you want to have more frequent and higher quality orgasms? (All kinds)


In my one-on-one Sensuality Coaching I support women to get in touch with their sensuality, their sacred vitality.  The coaching I offer is specific for every woman as together we focus on areas that are most important to you.  I will show you how to bring sensuality into your everyday life to come into alignment with yourself, to feel your sacred energy, to nourish yourself, to love your body, to discover your purpose and of course how to have better orgasms! (All kinds kinds of orgasms Vaginal, g-spot, cervical, clitoral, extended-clitoral, breast orgasms! yes, even breast orgasms!)


I particularly specialise in creating intimacy and connection in relationships, understanding the difference between men and women and how to navigate those differences as well empowering women to get in touch with their body, their authenticity and their inner wisdom.


One-on-one coaching is limited and is therefore by application only.  Coaching can take place via phone/skype or for women living in Canberra or the South Coast in person.

More about Sensuality Coaching from a gorgeous woman named Sara who is 36.


“I came to Kelly tired and feeling pulled in every direction by children, partners, work, friends and my own expectations of myself. I knew that getting back in touch with my sensual feminine self was the way to reenergise and reconnect with what I needed, but was at a point where I had no way of doing that on my own.


Kelly's sessions are a combination of talking, reflecting, answering questions, asking questions and receiving valuable information that seems no longer to be passed between women.


Kelly is completely non judgmental and I feel that I can tell her anything and that she will strive to support me in realising my needs within my ethical framework rather than imposing any set principles. She has the gift of being able to listen well, identify things in your world that you may not be able to see and gently bring you to have clarity. I also admire her ability to be firm when needed and encourage me to move towards what is rightfully mine.


Some of the work was confronting which was what was needed, but most of it so much fun. Kelly is very intuitive and I found was able to tune into where I needed to go next.


The sessions have left me with practical skills to recharge my feminine sensual energy, wise methods to navigate the needs of others that I am presented with everyday, a greater understanding and celebration of men, pure delight in being a woman and a fierce determination to give myself permission to hold onto all that is rightfully mine and bring up my daughters to do the same.


Ultimately I am coming to letting go of barriers I have put up for myself for a very long time, getting out of my head, getting into my heart and working on creating an everyday space for me to be the best and most free woman I can be.


I thoroughly recommend Kelly's one on one sessions. They are a much needed forum to replace the quality exchange and reflection that many women don't get the opportunity to share anymore. And she is just divine.” 

Couples sex & relationship coaching

with kelly & stuart

sacred union kelly henderson
sacred union kelly henderson
sacred union kelly henderson
sacred union kelly henderson
sacred union kelly henderson
sacred union

Would you like to work on your relationship? Do you want to have 'wake the neighbours' sex? 

Sometimes regular couples counselling can be hard work and boring, especially if your counsellor doesn't even have the type of relationship you want.   Having one therapist can also create an imbalance, some clients feeling like the therapist is taking sides.  


Why not work with a couple who are actually LIVING what you want.  We offer you both the masculine and the feminine perspectives.  These sessions are fun, full on, raw and honest.  Together two people can create everything they have ever wanted and more....  Come and work with us, get in touch at contact@sacredunion.net.au or...

Kelly Wolf Sacred Union
Sacred Union Body Paint
Sacred Union Body Paint

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