Yoni Steam Blend:


Calendula: A beautiful bright flower bringing joy, vitality and healing to the womb. Gentle

healing for scar tissue and wounds. Activates lymph flow and alleviates fungal and bacterial



Red Raspberry Leaf: Gentle medicine for the womb. A superb uterine tonic that relaxes and

tones the uterus. Healing for heavy menstrual bleeding, reproductive aliments such as cysts,

fibroids, endometriosis and prolapse and post-surgery.


Lemon Balm: A soothing, calming and uplifting herb that helps to reduce yoni itchiness.


Basil: Spiritually cleansing and blesses the woman receiving it. Reduces menstrual cramps.

Antibacterial. Used to bring on the return of absent menses


Rose: Beautiful, relaxing and uplifting. A gentle astringent for internal tissues. Increases self-

love and helps to release stuck emotions


Lavender: A gentle, relaxing herb helpful for alleviating anxiety and calming and mind, body

and soul. Antibacterial, antiviral and astringent. Nourishing to the nervous system and

helpful for easing cramps. Note: it is quite a drying herb and so is NOT recommended for

menopause or when trying to conceive.


Mugwort: A herb with a strong, longstanding affinity with womb health. It has powerful

circulatory properties, cleanses physically and spiritually and helps bring on menses.

Promotes energy flows in and out of the womb. Mugwort is also attributed to have magical

powers that protect one from evil spirits and is beneficial for healing sexual trauma. NOT

recommended while breastfeeding.


All ingredients are certified organic. Packaged in home compostable cellophane bags,

made in Australia from renewable cellulose fibre. You can throw them in your compost at

home and they will decompose in approximately 15 weeks. For more information see this

website: https://nomoreplasticpackaging.com.au/composting-your-packaging/


50g - enough for 4 steams

Yoni Steaming Herbs 50 g $30 + $11 postage