• Sacred Union

The Story of Stuart & Kelly Wolf

Written by Robin Burbidge

Not so long ago, a delicate balance existed between the people and Mother Nature but as time progressed, so did the speed of the people. No longer did they greet the morning with gratitude for the blessings of each new day. No longer did they value the time to care for their children and their elderly. No longer did they recognise themselves as a part of Mother Earth. Instead, they held the illusion that they were separate from her.

The people have forgotten how to love unconditionally. They have forgotten how to maintain the balance between each other with care and compassion. Forgot the balance between themselves and the divine. And forgot the delicate balance between themselves and the natural world. Overtime, mother Earth became exhausted, depleted and sick and of course so did her people. Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun held council to discuss what could be done.

Mother Earth shared an idea and like a seed in her fertile ground with the input of Grandfather Sky’s Sun’s energy, Grandmother Moons wisdom, Father Sky’s protection the idea began to grow. Mother Earth spoke with Darramah the Great Creator and with all of their energies combined they called in to powerful souls that would help the people remember.

These two souls were linked through all space and it’s her teeth. Twin Flames created at precisely the same moment from the same stardust, separated at birth only to find each other again and again to share many lives. The last time they had come to Mother Earth together, they did so as Wolves. What they learnt as Wolves and all of the incarnations that they shared, helped prepare them for what was to come.

Grandfather Sun offered his warmth and uniting in love, Mother Earth and Father Sky conceived Kelly and Stuart earthly bodies. When the time came for them to be born Grandmother Moon was midwife for their births. Stuart and Kelly’s parents, family, friends and many other beings, seen and unseen, helped to guide them through their lives, nurturing their curiosity and creativity and they grew into two beautiful, emotionally intelligent and spiritual human beings.

It took some time for Kelly and Stuart to meet on the physical plane in this lifetime, the moment had to be just right. On so many occasions they were just metres away, but it was as if they were invisible to each other, not yet ready to meet, as the alchemy of lessons learned, people loved, and young ones born would determine the perfect time for this reunion of souls.

Through these rich and diverse experiences, Kelly and Stuart tasted both light and darkness, as both perspectives are needed to restore balance. The mountains only reach so high because the valleys are so deep. At times the path became unclear and both Kelly and Stuart questioned their purpose. The darkness that descended on Stuart seemed so dense, so heavy at times he questioned if he would ever see the light again.

Although Stuart and Kelly were yet to meet on the physical plane, the energy of each other’s existence brought protection and an unconscious reassurance to each other. Of course Mother also had her hand in it, keeping them close, whispering in the ears of their souls that the time was soon coming when she could share her vision, share her medicine dream with them. On a seemingly ordinary day, Kelly asked herself  ‘What am I waiting for?’ Releasing all limitations that had been holding her back, it became clear to Kelly that the time had come to reunite with her twin flame, and so she sat down and began to meditate.

Kelly offered herself as a chattel for the Sacred Union energy to be shared and felt on earth once more and in an instant was elevated to the ethereal planes, high above the realm where we usually exist. Kelly sent out a beacon “I am here,  I am ready” And a moment later he moved toward her. Without bodies to restrict them Stuart and Kelly’s soul energies played and danced together in pure joy, finally merging to become one in a vast landscape of love.

Back on earth, finally the time was ripe. A birthday celebration of a mutual friend was the perfect occasion and timely synchronicities made sure that both Kelly and Stuart would be there. A spiritual union for these twin flames in the earthly dimension was a cause for great celebration. Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon along with all the ancestors of all the peoples of Earth raised their glasses and sang together in a grand blessing to the beginning of a new time, a time of Sacred Union.

Mean while at the party Kelly and Stuart finally met. Kelly recognised immediately the energy that surged like relentless ocean swells through her body. Radiating from Stuart was the exact same energy that Kelly had felt in her twin flame meditation. Magnetised to each other by a silver cord of light, they danced in the physical realm and as they realised the significance of finding each other, their shared destiny was activated.

Kelly and Stuart felt each other’s separate energies and then a third energy. Feeling this encompassing third energy that their coming together had created, Stuart and Kelly sensed that their Union was much bigger than just the two of them. Over the following weeks and months they connected deeper and deeper in sharing the stories of their lives, their families and friends and in particular sharing the joys of their beloved children Morris, Hunter, Rocco and Maya-Monroe. Each deepening was a further initiation into realising why they had to come together in this life time.

Stuart and Kelly made the journey to a festival of Dragon Dreaming. Rocks and trees reached high out of the grassy mountains to majestically gaze down upon an incredible expanse of water. The combination of water and land was electric as Kelly and Stuart set up camp. Between the towering escarpment and placid lake their conversation journeyed to the depths of their souls. 

Opening their hearts, they fully exposed their vulnerabilities to each other and were met with compassionate, care and an overwhelming sense of safety. Sharing tears and expressions of their hearts, they held each other as the vibrations raised.

Moving down to the festival grounds they followed the beats and vibrations that best match theirs and together they danced into the night, claiming their future. Eventually Kelly and Stuart moved away from the dancefloor and held each other as Mother Nature held them. Taking in the scene of dancing bodies they breathed in the atmosphere, breathed in nature and breathed in their love. In the depths of this breath they became compelled to look towards the heavens and at that very moment a star began to grow.

The star was huge and it continued to grow and grow, coming closer and closer. Momentarily they took their eyes from the start to look at each other questioning without words if they were sharing the experience. Their mirrored expressions of bewilderment, excitement and recognition confirmed that indeed they were. Gazing back up at the star it continued to expand. No longer just a ball of light the star had beautiful points reaching further and further into the dark. Transfixed on this huge star Kelly and Stuart felt it saw one last search of light before it disappeared completely.

Years have passed since that affirmation of light and there have been many more initiations for Kelly and Stuart to find their true life‘s purpose. Their shared journey this lifetime, is to help others realise that both masculine and feminine energies exist within each and every one of us and bringing these energies into balance within ourselves is for the good of all. Whether it be via Sound Healing,  Yoga, Meditation, Dance or Sacred Sexuality Stuart and Kelly devote their lives to sharing and offering of this Sacred Union within.

Today, Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun feel hopeful. Hopeful in bringing their shared vision to fruition and in the knowing Kelly and Stuart together hold a key for all humanity, a key for the people to remember to connect and feel the wisdom of our Earth Mother, Sky Father, Luna Mother and Solar Grandfather. 

With Kelly and Stuarts help they hope the people may remember, deep in their bones awaken, to regain their consciousness to what truly matters. To connect, to pray and to protect our Mother and her precious waters, forests, oceans and soil. To honour ourselves and each other, by honouring our mother, as we remember that every one of us is a significant part of the timeless Sacred Union.


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