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The biggest battle you will ever fight

‘The biggest battle you will ever fight is the battle within yourself. When you finally lay down your guns and love yourself unconditionally.... that is when ‘living’ begins.... and by unconditionally, I mean loving all of the parts you think are unlovable. Do not abandon yourself.... you are the only one who is with you from the first breath to the last.... tend to yourself the way you would an innocent child... if you need support, ask, if you’re breaking... break.. you are breaking through to freedom... you are breaking through to integrity.... your vulnerabilities make you strong.... you can see it in someone’s eyes when they walk tall in who they are, owning every bit of themselves, you can feel it in their presence.... because it hasn’t come from a superficial ‘I love and take good care of myself’ slogan from a gym membership.... you can see and feel that their self love has come from being broken and defeated... only to pick themselves up tenderly, piece by piece, and to lovingly hold each piece and gently place it back together, all of the pieces being held together in unconditional love, acceptance and compassion.... this creates an energy that can be felt by the stars’ - Kelly Henderson

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