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Nicole's message to those who feel unsure about coming to sacred union

I can totally relate to anyone who for whatever reason are 'unsure' 'anxious' and in two minds about whether or not to attend your classes and taster evenings.

My advice to them is to go.

And if you're really worried then bring a friend with you. It's always easier with a friend.

However my first class with you I went alone. And I'll be honest. It was a little different and at times uncomfortable because it was not at all like anything I had experienced. But you know what! I came back. Again and again. And I signed up immediately!


Because the way a class leaves you feeling. There is no drug on the earth that create the amount of love, peace and Joy one of Kelly's classes leaves you with. And the cool thing. It isn't Kelly but YOU who is creating this amazing feeling. Kelly only guides you to it.

I say to those still questioning and unsure. Try it. Be brave. Do it. Be like me. But I warn you ... you'll never want it to end and you'll keep coming back for more and more and more!!!

I love you Kelly. You are an AMAZING woman. Feel free to use any of the above.

Nicole's message to those who are unsure about coming to Sacred Union

I can only ever endorse, encourage and support things which I truly believe in with all my heart. Sacred Union Yoga has been so transformational for me!

Nicole xx

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