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My only regret, if I have that I did not start sooner

'I have found sacred union yoga and dance to be very healing. Since starting I have felt a wholeness and balance within myself that I have never felt before in my entire life but which I have always craved. This has improved my external relationships also. I can't really think of anyone who would not benefit from these practices and I am in total awe of Kelly for inventing it.

Kelly and Stuart are experts at holding the space for others because they have walked in their own truth. I believe their emphasis on allowing people to become their own guru and also their respect for both the light and dark as well as masculine and feminine energies makes the practice both authentic and effective. My only regret, if I have one, is that I did not start sooner so if you are lucky enough to have the chance to attend a sacred union yoga or dance class I would definitely encourage you to give it a go.' - Bianca

Bianca - Sacred Union Yoga & Dance Testimonial

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