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love making = truly Explosive!!!!

Kelly and Stuart,

We have been so blessed to have encountered you both and received the amazing teachings that you offered!

After the first course we experienced a new level to our relationship that we hadn't realised that was possible. It improved our communication and helped us to realise the importance of keeping the channels open in order to keep growing together - and of course the sex changed into something even better!

Then we took on the challenge of the second level......

This has truly been a mind blowing event. The way that you created a comfortable space for us to explore our relationship took us to another place. Admittedly we were a little nervous about such an intimate setting but on reflection we were so glad that it was just with you both. It has opened our world up! We cannot recommend highly enough for everyone to do this. It has shown us how to keep ourselves invested in our relationship so that it continues to go to new heights and has changed our love making into a never ending adventure that is fun, loving, exciting, peaceful, engaging and truly explosive!!! (sometimes all in the one session!)

Sacred Union Couples Retreats

It was such a safe place to open up to each other and ourselves and it should be a must for all couples to experience to help grow as a couple.

We thank you so much for helping us invest in our relationship. Please feel free to use this to encourage others to experience your wonderful retreats.

Love and light

Tim and Nat

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