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I am a Queen

'I am, 

a Queen, 

a connected and vital part of Mother Earth. 

I am, 

a conduit for miracle creation, 

a receptacle for receiving. 

I am, 

here now, 

a glowing, sparkling, pulsating orange orb, of love-light, joyful energy, pleasure, compassion and gratitude. 

I am, 

a perfect blend of feminine and masculine energies, 

a sacred union. 

I am, 

sacred union, 

energy and love. 

I am, 

my own authority on me, 

deep self love and acceptance.' - Aminya Hepp, Sacred Union Yoga & Dance student.

Aminya Hepp Sacred Union Yoga & Dance Student

This beautiful Sacred Union Mantra was written by Aminya during the Sacred Union Yoga & Dance Advanced Training. 

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