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How Sacred Union can help you get to the ‘F*ck it’ Factor!

Intimate sharing between a Sacred Union attendee Julie and Kelly Henderson.

Julie: ‘Big tears on the mat tonight...

I had always read the theory that "emotional pain/trauma is held/stored in the womb"

And it made perfect sense to me. I imagine that it would be...

I had read it- but I had never FELT it.

When we did our hip circles, I at first felt an excruciating pinch- which came lightening fast- on my right (masculine) side. But I just continued to move through it. It went away after the first rotation.

But then the tears came. Lots of tears. It was like the energy of my "lost" lover was being released from my womb. To be honest- I really didn't want to let that go, but I trusted & had faith that my body wanted to let it go.

I guess that I feel sadder & more heartbroken than I wanted to admit- even to myself. I always have a "tough & strong" or either "happy-go-lucky" exterior (carefully crafted & curated???), so I have been quite surprised how effected I have been by this out-of-the-blue ending...

Anyway- I guess that it shows that you can read about something & have theories on a subject- but you don't really know until you EXPERIENCE it. Until you FEEL it...

Pretty epic breakthrough!!!

(I really don't know how people survive & live their lives with all of this "stuff" hidden away inside them. It really must take such a huge toll on them)

Something always happens for me in Sacred Union Yoga!!!

And it is good.’

Kelly: ‘The womb holds so much... well done for trusting the process.... and I’m with you... I wonder also how people can carry all their stuff around with them...

that’s why ‘we’ (including you) are here to lead the way...

And I love that you had the ‘experience’ of it, not the reading about it.. this is why I don’t go into too much explanation or theory with the practice.(though we do a little more of that in the advanced training).. all the Teachings are energetically embedded into the practice... so all you have to do is trust, commit and surrender. It works like magic. It’s such an honour to have you in the space Julie xx’

Julie: ‘I love being in our Sacred Space.

It really feels as if it is meant to be. I feel my magic rising- & it is powerful! I don't exactly know what to do with it yet- but I definitely feel it! It is like I have "up-leveled"

Thank you for the gift of YOU. I am so happy & honoured to have met & connected with you, & I feel that this is just the beginning of our journey together...

"Shit is getting real"

I hear the call, ancient yet ever-new ‘.

Kelly: ‘Oh I love your way with words Julie. Would you be comfortable with me sharing any of this?’

Julie: ‘Yes. I don't mind at all. There could be deep wisdom that someone needs (& wants!) to hear...’

Kelly: ‘Awesome! Just to take it to the next level.... Can I use your first name and pic???’

Julie: ‘Sure! Why not? I am sick of "hiding" & shrinking away. I am who I am, & I no longer give 2 fucks what any one thinks!!! ‘

Kelly: ‘Now you are talking Sacred Union Talk!!!! YES!!!!!! Thank you.’

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