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Clare's Story

‘A little over 3 years ago I was handed a brochure for yoga with Kelly Henderson by a woman I very much admired, she suggested I should give this yoga a try. I told her I was already doing yoga & she began to describe all the benefits I would experience from doing yoga with Kelly which almost sounded too good to be true. I was curious and after a few days of pouring over the website doubting weather I would fit into this practice I decided to go for it and signed up for a series. Then it hit me, what have I done, will I fit in, I wont know anyone there, this was a mistake so I cautiously went to the first class.....but boy was I wrong. As soon as I stepped into that first class I felt like I was home, surrounded by these wonderful welcoming women I was in awe of them and just like that I was now one of them. 

Last weekend that same woman who suggested I give this yoga a go all those years ago asked me if I was still doing it and my immediate response was YES! I cannot imagine my life without this practice. The next thought I had was to tell her how grateful I was for her suggestion. Being part of this yoga practice, getting to know Kelly and many of the amazing women I share this practice with every week has bought some of the most profound connections and friendships that I have ever experienced into my life and led to other experiences and journeys I could never have ever imagined and for this I am forever grateful. 

The changes I have felt within myself I could also never have imagined 3 years ago nor did I ever expect this to happen. The natural evolution and change I have felt within myself blows me away when I think back to where I was and I absolutely love the person I have become and continue to become. 

Monday nights are the highlight of my week and this takes absolute priority. It is my ultimate self care and self love ritual and it seems whatever has happened during the week, whatever stress or pressure I’ve been under slowly melts away in this class - it’s the ultimate reset button for me. The collective energy of so many wonderful women in these classes is so powerful and I have experienced so many moments of calm, clarity and opened up clear channels of intuition that have bought me answers and insights that I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

Last Monday night was the first Sacred Union class for men and women that I had attended with both Kelly and Stuart. To me it made so much sense to have a male and female class but what I did not expect was the intensity of the class, the energy was amplified and I left the class buzzing with the most exquisite energy. This whole week I have still been feeling the buzz of the energy. I have felt much calmer and relaxed and have felt a much more harmonious and loving energy in everything I have done and in all aspects of my week.' 

Kelly is so empowering and encouraging to other women, she has such a special and unique way of intuitively knowing how to bring out the absolute best in everyone with so much love and support and Stuart works so well alongside Kelly bringing his own unique but equally amazing energy. They truly compliment and enhance each other creating a truly wonderful experience. It’s hard to explain the gratitude I have for this beautiful practice and for these two amazing people and I cannot wait for the next series of sacred union yoga to start and the next men’s and women’s class.

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