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A Day in the Temple

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

A day in the temple is a full day to completely immerse yourself in sacred space, feel into the mysteries and potentials arising inside you. Move your body and step through the Sacred Thresholds of your senses.

The day includes Sacred Union Yoga, Temple Space and Temple Dancing. This will be a very sacred space, full of ritual and rites of passage. I am so looking forward to sharing this space with you.

Numbers are limited so be sure to confirm your place by booking online.

The venue is The Centre of Sacred Union, 20 Marjorie Cres, Batehaven NSW 2536

10-5.30pm Sunday 22nd September 2019.

Words from some Women who have attended this day:

"What is ‘A Day in the Temple’ with beautiful goddess Kelly like? …Oh I do feel to share, though not in the context of a personal testimonial, I trust my own experiences here will be as sacred, magic and profound as yours. Instead I have some questions in possible consideration for your own temple day immersion…

How would it feel to be held in a supportive, intimate space that invites you to fully show up in your authenticity? To be seen, heard, honoured and nurtured exactly where you are now? To be witnessed in your vulnerability and in your power and to have this divine expression of your truth reflected back to you with reverence? How would it feel to really connect, to be an integral part of gifting all of this to the other women who have come to share this space with you?

How does it sound to say yes? Yes to that voice inside your heart that is yearning to have full permission to journey even deeper still, to open even further, to experience and awaken even greater parts of yourself?

How would it look to bring these greater parts of yourself, with further awareness, presence and expansion back into your everyday life, experiencing more fullness, richness, creativity and vitality?

A day in the Temple, does not just appear on your calendar and does not just attract anyone. Part of the intrigue of the day is discovering who else held the same intention, to show up, to journey deeply in the same place and time. As it always is, the right people, at the right moment come together and magic is created. Your heart will know if it feels called. Listen." - Sarah Louise


"Until you have been held in Kelly's sacred space, the magic that happens at A day in the Temple can hardly be described. I have uncovered sides to myself that I had forgotten existed, laying dormant waiting to be discovered. Since coming to these temple days I feel like my masks have been stripped off and I have stepped into my full self with complete clarity. These days have empowered me to bring all sides of my feminine experience to be witnessed more in my daily life. I have deepened my relationship with my body and now have the courage to trust my intuition and to act on it.

No matter where you are at on your journey, A day in the Temple will meet you there and transform! Once she has been unleashed, the feminine power cannot go back into hiding

❤ So looking forward to sharing another sacred experience with incredible women

Kelly, I will never be able to thank you enough for the deep healings, learnings and wisdom that has taken place, in this temple, in this body." - Erin


"I feel honored that I have had the opportunity to spend a day in the Temple with Kelly Henderson... in Respect of the love and sharing that happens in this amazing space are no words until you experience... I will return & dance as the call comes... "- Namasté Rozália



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