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"Oh my God Kelly! This oil is sooo freaking divine! I can actually feel all of the herbs and oils affecting my breasts! It’s so hard to explain but my breasts feel fuller and more juicy and so much more sensitive! It’s like when I’m walking around I can’t stop feeling/noticing my breasts! Whatever is in this potion is Soooo powerful!!! Thank you!!!" - Laura

"Since studying Sacred Sexuality with Kelly and understanding the ancient secrets of Breast Massage, I have been doing it every day.  Getting this oil has made the whole experience so much more Sacred.  This oil is like gold, it's Luxurious" - Melissa

Sacred Union Breast Oil

A sacred blend of herbs, essential oils & bush flower remedies to nourish, protect & enhance the energies of your breasts. This blend has been lovingly infused with spiritual alchemy, crystal energies, kundalini aromatherapy, sacred geometry and grounded on sacred land.

Ingredients and Benefits:

Sweet almond oil softens and re-conditions the skin high in vitamin D improves skin complexion and tone

Jojoba oil rich in vitamin E closest chemical composition to the skins own sebum -  fades lines, wrinkles and boosts glow

Evening Primrose oil high in GLA (essential fatty acids) assists with dry skin, soothes inflammation.

Wheat germ oil high in omega fatty acids for lipid breakdown and absorption (good for ageing).

Flaxseed Oil high in Vitamin E, good for preventing scarring and stretch marks.

Soybean oil high in vitamin C, nutrient content high for moisturising, helps retain moisture.

Lemon Oil astringent properties, balances sebum.

Clary Sage relieves menstrual and menopausal symptom, stabilises production of natural oils, balancing properties. 

Lavender promotes relaxation, assists with anxiety, insomnia, menstrual symptoms, and anti-inflammatory.

Fenugreek oil aids in digestion, boosts libido, breaks up stuck energies.

Cinnamon bark oil generates warmth and relieves pain (avoid during pregnancy).

Bergamot oil analgesic qualities, effective for cysts and pimples, it’s uplifting and relieves tension.

Ginger oil anti-inflammatory for arthritis, digestive upsets, colds, relief for muscles and stimulate circulation.

Clove oil antiseptic, helps reduces sagginess, removes dead skin cells.

Sweet orange oil anti- spasmodic , calmative antiseptic , stimulant for heart circulation .

Ingredients 100% Essential Oils and organic herbs

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