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Historically, a blessingway is a Navajo (native American) ceremony, which celebrates a woman’s transition and rite of passage into motherhood.

Traditionally this is a women's only gathering and may include her mother, sisters, aunts, daughters, best of friends, mentors — anyone she respects, looks up to or values.

A Mother Blessing helps the woman to prepare herself for the birth, emotionally, spiritually and mentally,  At the very second that her baby is born, it is not just a baby that is born.. in that very moment, a Mother is born.

What your Blessingway Ceremony looks like:

Opening circle 
Belly Painting
Foot bathing ceremony
Red thread ceremony
Mother-to-be Sacred Dance Ceremony
Closing Circle.

Your guests will be asked to bring specific items. These will be emailed to your guests and will be a surprise for the Mother-to-be.


Your ceremony is approx 2.5-3 hours, investment is $550.


Ceremonies are facilitated by Kelly Wolf

(and body paint artist is in attendance to paint the belly)

Bookings are available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons

email to check availability.


Kelly and the BodyPaint artist can come to you if you are located in the ACT. 

If you are located outside of the ACT please email so that you can get a travel quote.

If you are located in the ACT and would like to hire Balanced Yoga in Kingston as your venue please email Kelly so that she can let you know the availability/hire charges.

What Women are experiencing:

"Oh my darling Kelly - just reflecting on yesterday and just how much love was in that room.
Thank you so so much for everything. It was just such a magical, poignant moment that I'll never forget. Thank you thank you thank you"

"Words can’t explain how much today meant to me. Thank you"

"I am so thrilled to share this moment with the important women in my life. I’m so grateful to you"

email to check availability.

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