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The Centre of Sacred Union is my life’s work.  It encompasses everything that I have had to learn through my life, in most cases by having to journey through the extremes of what is ‘not’ Sacred Union to come to truly know what the balance of Sacred Union is inside of me.


All that I have learned I share with you.  Through the initiations of my life and the guidance from direct communication with the Divine, I have taken a vow to serve. I offer myself as a channel for the Sacred Union energy to be shared and felt on the earth once more.


If you are reading this, I honour you and I know you have found your way to the Sacred Union energy.  You will already start to feel a vibrational shift just reading these words. I welcome you to your journey.  I know that there is nothing more blissful, more loving and more compassionate than having journeyed into yourself, into your essence, into self-love and into the marriage of Sacred Union that exists inside of you.  When you are in that balance, you can feel your own magnificence, your purpose, and the pure love that you are here to express to yourself and to the world.


I have been on a journey of learning and personal growth, I’ve had many initiations along the way.  I’ve learnt from many different teachers sharing different things and through this process I discovered it comes down to the Sacred Union energies inside of you.  No one else can do it for you.  You cannot ‘know’ with your mind.  You can only truly feel with your heart and creating the Sacred Union inside of yourself.  I’ve truly learnt that what is internal is external.  Once you find, experience, cultivate and take loving tender care of the Sacred marriage inside of you, you will feel the oneness with your External world.  Once you experience that Oneness, you dissolve all fear, drama, comparison and let go of anything that no longer serves you. You feel nothing but Union and love for yourself and all that exists.


In the Centre of Sacred Union I offer you all that I have learned, The Sacred Union Sutras - Sacred Union Yoga, Sacred Union Dance, Sacred Union Meditations, Sacred Union Energy Practices, Sacred Union Mantras, Sacred Union Mudras.  I also offer one on one Sacred Union Ceremonies


The Sacred Union is a way of life and you too can live the truth of the Sacred marriage within you.


Sacred Union Yoga


The Sacred Marriage within you.


Liberate, awaken and balance your feminine magic and your masculine power in this complete embodiment practice.


In Sacred Union Yoga you will engage in the dance between the feminine and masculine to reach the point of complete union and oneness within yourself.


The ultimate practice of Self-Love.  This practice is Sensual and Sacred.


The classes are 2hrs and are a vessel for you to journey into your own Sacred Union, you will leave feeling balanced, equally in flow and on purpose.



Sacred Union Dance


Dance the aspects of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. 


In this class you will be guided to move and dance through Archetypes of Gods and Goddesses fully embodying and feeling all of the energies of those archetypes.


Each of the aspects of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine reside within us.  They play out in our lives in either Light or Shadow.  By giving these aspects a space to be truly felt, seen, expressed and acknowledged you create divine balance -the Sacred Union within yourself.


Each class is 2hrs.  You will delve into one Masculine God and One Feminine Goddess in each class allowing yourself to be deeply connected with this Archetype through Embodiment Meditation and then giving this Archetype breath and life to move through you.

Some of Your inner Sacred 
yang/ Masculine/ Shiva/ Sun Qualities


Clear Consciousness, Purpose, Focus, Determination, Direction, Courage, Conviction, Strength, Stamina, Power, The ability to set boundaries, Your ability to take action, Single Focus, Pinpoint Accuracy.

Some of Your inner  Sacred
Yin/ Feminine/ Shakti/ Moon Qualities


Intuition, Receiving, Allowing, Flow, Creativity, Wildness, Birthing of new, Nourishment, Ease, Grace, Sensuality, Feeling, Use of your senses, Compassion, Mercy, Softness, Gentleness.

‘Source of the Earth 

It is NOT the task of Men
to become more Masculine
or more Godlike
or for Women
to become more Feminine
or find their Goddess Self.
That is the Old Paradigm.
It is for us all
to awaken Both
inside each and everyone of us.
Not as an androgyne...
a weak distillation of both
but as a deeply strong
deeply powerful
and fiercely lovingly 
fully integrated whole.
It is the inner marriage
of both
that will raise both poles
to greatness
and as we do
our co-dependant structures
inherited from an outwardly dependent world,
simply fall away.
From deep inner connection
we call to us then
a Oneness of Being
that brings a Bliss
and deep love
leading to such compassion...
such deep love...’ 

-Pete Wilson


Yang is our direction, focus and backbone. With piercing clarity, yang takes a stand and sticks to it. It is assertive, analytical and works independently. It knows how to discriminate and cuts away the excess. It builds systems and follows through when something needs to be done. Yang is the arrow that speeds to its target, turning our dreams into realities.

Yin is the realm of interiority, of holding, waiting, and invoking. Reflective like the moon, or gestational as the soil, Yin is the place of refuge and rest, of containment and acceptance. Darkness is, after all, the primordial womb from which dreams emerge. It is the origin of all life before it comes into being.

But without the balancing influence of the other, both yin and yang have the potential to stray into their negative aspects.

Without the active, discerning objectivity of yang, yin can become stagnant, lost, paralyzed, and overwhelmed. This is when we might feel possessed by our fears and anxiety, allowing our emotions to get the better of us. An overbalance of yin may cause us to react impulsively, become indulgent and possessive of others.

By extension, yang’s sunniness can become a burning scrutiny without the tempering shade of yin. It can be so directed in its focus that it neglects to consider who it runs over, even if the victim is our own body. Without yin’s consideration of the whole, yang’s viewpoints can become fundamentalist and exclusionary. 

The Inner Marriage is a slow process of first attempting to understand the true qualities of each, how it manifests in our lives and dreams, and then undertaking a courtship of the inner opposite, activating those latent qualities in our repertoire.”

- Toko-pa Turner 

Article by Danielle Laporte:


In terms of leadership, I’m not that interested in someone’s gender. I’m interested in their wholeness. Just because someone identifies as female doesn’t mean they’re working on behalf of the “Divine Feminine".

If more females are moving into positions of so-called power but they’re operating on the patriarchal mindset, then it’s hardly progress. It’s only adding to the illusions and confusion around what power and equality really mean.

Side note #1: I think “patriarchal” and “mindset” should always be used as a phrase. Used on its own, the term patriarchy can trigger brushstroke judgements that anyone with a penis is a patriarchal asshole. The patriarchal mindset is not gender-specific, it’s a paradigm that can corrupt anyone, at any age, from almost any culture.

Side note #2: I’m coming across more and more men who are heart-led and working for gender equality (which makes them Feminists). With strong spines of direction and ambition, and with profoundly tender attentiveness, these men are embodying wholeness. We are all going to reap the rewards of that brave love.

Back the to the Divine Feminine and it’s understandable misinterpretations... Being Divinely Feminine is not just about being in a goddess dancing circle, calling on Goddess Kali, or being super orgasmic. (Because you can do/be all of those things and get way out of balance.) And the Divine Feminine sure ain’t about being the first female president, dean, or CEO of anything. Ranking high in a broken system doesn’t necessarily make you a heroine of feminism — tho’ it very well could, and women’s history is abundant with those true pioneers.

The “divine” in Divine Feminine is about wholeness. It’s where The Great Father and The Great Mother merge. And that divine union then expresses itself through a feminine-energy vehicle, upholding and emphasizing the core qualities of the feminine.

So first the integration of the masculine and the feminine has to happen, for the truly Divine Feminine to come into form. And then that wholeness expresses itself in predominately womanly ways. Feminine + masculine union gets communicated in the language of “feminine”. (OR… if you identify as a dude devoted to wholeness, then it’s Feminine + masculine union being communicated in the language of “masculine”.) Two ideas merge, and then they express themselves in a specific way.

The Divine Feminine is the warrior and the healer... in a womanly package.

The Divine Feminine is justice and mercy… carried out with grace. It’s economics and the arts… that nurtures the entire community.

I’m directive and I love the hunt of opportunities — these are characteristically masculine qualities. I’m deeply intuitive and nurturing — innately feminine qualities. When I’m at my best, I express all of these qualities in my all-woman ways. My delivery is compassionate and often softly spoken; my business operates on a triple bottom line, and I want everyone to be well fed — even if that means I have to share my own food. That’s on a good day, of course, when I can say that I am BEING the Divine Feminine.

As feminist Germaine Greer put it, "The opposite of paternity isn’t maternity, it’s fraternity.” Wholeness. Without that internal meeting, that creation of LOVE within us, we’re just playing a gender game. The Divine Feminine isn’t a lady label that you see with your eyes — it’s a way of being that can only be seen with the intelligence of the heart.

Fuel the Divine Feminine … just press share to get the conversation going. xo

Some words about Masculine and Feminine Energies by Samuel Kronen:


The feminine energy has always been rather captivating to me. It is representative of our innate propensity toward compassion and tenderness. The feminine implores empathy, the capacity to see beyond the horizon of our own self-interest. It is, in essence, the archetypal mother holding the child—the gentle caress of the divine. This energy is the very fabric of human life, the very glue that keeps us bound together.


This isn’t to degrade the masculine in any way for surely it contains strengths of its own.


Masculinity is ultimately an expression of our innate drive toward strength, achievement, and triumph. It is that which implores us to step upon the battlefield when our loved ones are in danger. It is that which gives us the courage to defend what we most value. It is that which gives us the will to act rightly when we are in the grips of fear. The masculine is, in essence, the holy protector, the righteous warrior, the noble soldier.


We all contain the very seeds of both, which is why the human adventure is so beautiful. Though, every so often, we find ourselves dwelling more so on one side than the other—and, personally, this has manifested as me being brash and hardheaded.


If each person embraced the other’s innate holiness, as well as their unique traits and peculiarities, then perhaps some of the turmoil we see in relationships could be put to rest.


The masculine and the feminine work to complement each other. This is their very nature. They represent two sides of the same experiential coin—it is immensely valuable to allow space for both. Both ends of the spectrum need to be embraced and embodied if we are to find peace both within and without, otherwise we become susceptible to extremism and conflict.


So, perhaps it might be useful when we find ourselves giving too much credence to one side or the other to simply breathe our way into the present moment and allow ourselves to recognize that we are not one or the other. In fact, we are not any “thing” at all. What we are is entirely undefinable, without name, and thereby when we attempt to inwardly identify as being this or that we invariably become detached from our essential and formless nature.


The yin and the yang must both be given the time of day; they must both be allowed to flow effortlessly through us. This cannot be achieved as long as we remain subjugated to our particular identities—whether that be man or woman, strong or graceful, Tom or Jane. We are all everything; each and every one of us is intrinsically capable of actualizing any mode of being that so fits us.


When this holy balance is elicited, our relationships would then become beautiful works of art rather than endless trials and heartaches.

To be whole, and become a powerful women, we must heal our own Inner, Divine Masculine. - S. Avant Stover


Of course, first we have to recognize it within us!

What does your “masculine” side have to do with your dedication to becoming more “feminine,” you ask?
A whole lot.

It’s the final turning of the key to your feminine power.

A heroine only arrives at her homecoming after she has integrated the “he” into her “SHE.”  An easy way to appreciate this is to think of a man who is in touch with his Divine Masculine, but not his feminine. A man like this is like a bull in a china shop, unbalanced, ungraceful, dangerous, and unable to meet the feminine outside of himself. He is a brute. So too with us.

I am seeing that most of us who come to women’s work live with our masculine side partially or even completely hidden from view.

Most of us have been wounded by our fathers, partners, bosses, male role models, or “The Patriarchy.” We think that the “masculine” is the problem, so we need to completely shun this part of ourselves, and only focus on our “feminine.”

Since we all have an inner “masculine” and “feminine,” “yin” and “yang” energies, this approach denies us exactly 50% of ourselves, a potentially tragic and very limiting way to live. The consequences of being out of touch with your masculine can be quite severe.

For instance, many women say they feel run down and depleted. “My masculine is just fine,” they say, “But what can I do to strengthen my relationship with my feminine?”

Such women (I can only say this because I’ve been there too), are not at all “fine” with their masculine. In fact, very few of us women are “fine” with our masculine, for a number of reasons (collective karmic wounding, cultural conditioning, limiting beliefs, unconscious resentments — the list goes on).

Most women are, however, used to being ruled (yes, RULED) by their inner Pushers, Perfectionists, Controllers, and Critics– a.k.a their Inner Patriarchs. He’s the one within us that shoves us, drives us to exert beyond our body’s instincts, and overrides our innate rhythms, pleasure, and desires. He is what brings us to women’s work in the first place!

Ask yourself right now: doesn’t your strongest and most brutal inner critical feel a little, well, prickish? More like an uncaring brute than a “catty” woman?

What most of us consider to be “masculine” is a deranged, patriarchal, ungrounded masculine. This is the part of us that thinks we need to work ourselves to the bone in order to be loved and successful. That believes being sensual, sexual, wild, and erotic creatures is bad. That the mind is king, and the body a slave. That more, faster, and bigger is always better. That we should be able to do it all, without complaint — mother, artist, worker, partner, citizen, and if we don’t, or can’t, we’ve done something wrong.

Does the Patriarchy exist outside of us? Is it real? From this perspective, the question itself is absurd, because we haven’t owned and healed it within ourselves. If we haven’t done that yet, what chance do we have of healing it in the world? Where would you say is the best place to start?

It can be quite disorienting and humbling when we finally get a whiff of the damage our Inner Patriarch is actually doing. That we have been our own worst enemies, that oppression hasn’t been happening “out there” but “in here”.

[And yes, institutional sexism and real-world oppression exists, and the ravages of a real, external Patriarchy have been well documented and addressed in the last few decades, everywhere from fashion to film to children’s toys. But that’s not what this work is about. The point is we will never heal what’s wrong outside of us if we can’t heal it inside, too.]

So what does Divine Masculine do, when it’s healthy, strong, and whole? Slow down before you keep reading. Can you answer that question? Maybe it’s easy. And maybe you have no idea. Where do you feel the answer? Where would you find the answer? How do you feel as you consider it?

How about this: it provides, protects, serves, and is an agent of Truth. He communicates clearly, sets boundaries (not barriers), and exerts the will that’s rooted in the Soul’s deepest desires. He does not force, push, manipulate, or control. He’s in touch with his heart, without collapsing into his feelings or the agendas of others. He must penetrate the world with his truth, and will never turn away from it.

He never, ever gives up his service to his Higher Purpose. From magic, he manifests.

When you are in touch with Him, you can protect against your Inner Patriarch. You can serve the deep desires and longings of your Feminine heart. You can speak up, on their behalf. You can create boundaries to safeguard them. You can act with clarity and efficiency, cutting away the “fat” of unnecessary distraction.  You can fully exert your power in the world, while doing no harm, to yourself or others.

What I’ve found in my own life is that there’s no way that I can create what I long to create, in life, love, or business, without healing this rift between my own inner Masculine & Feminine.

We need both.

Through this partnership, we become the Sovereign of our own lives. Not a Kingdom. Not a Queendom. But Sovereign, with both Masculine and Feminine. Inner freedom reigns, and we have all the resources we need to manifest our desires and serve the world in the ways that only we can. It takes both a Queen and a King to rule the territory of our minds and hearts.


"I signed up for Sacred Union Yoga without thinking too much about it. I was doing it because a close and trusted friend encouraged me to. It appealed to me because I love finding spirituality in movement; I am a runner and powerlifter and I have done yoga and meditation for years. I found my first Sacred Union Yoga class challenging, I realised that while I have nurtured both my masculine and feminine self I have always struggled to find a peaceful connection between the two – I have been in constant war with myself as the masculine clashes with and disdains the feminine and vice versa. The blending of the two energies was foreign to me but as I relaxed into it and tried to find the flow I experienced a beautiful sense of calm compassion towards myself and to the areas of my life causing stress. I forgot about this feeling as the class ended and I absentmindedly returned to my busy thoughts. However, as I was driving home I was overcome by the beauty of the night and the calmness returned, my anxieties faded behind the loud and clear voice in my head affirming “you’ve go this!” Practicing Sacred Union for a number of weeks now this sense of inner peace, compassion and an absolute confidence in my own ability to handle life has continued to intensify." - Bec 38

"I just feel to express (via what these digital words can) my sincerest gratitude for being such a blessing in my life & during this transitioning time I've experienced whilst in Canberra. Your presence & teachings  have assisted my heart to open, my soul's voice to be heard & my path to be clear. Thank you." - Sarah, 25

"I had a really strange and profound shift after starting Sacred Union Yoga.  In the class we work on our own inner sacred union, sacred marriage.  Them completely out of the blue, my partner of 8 years proposed to me.  Now not only do I have my internal Sacred Union, but my external one too" - Marie, 40

"I really trust the space that Kelly holds.  I can show up Authentically.  Its so sacred, and the connection with the other women is so lovely, all supporting each other with no competition, I keep coming back because I leave feeling so much love for myself and everything" -Fiona, 31

"I come to this class to explore, to play, to dance more of 'me' into the world, to learn new ways to express, to discover new possibilities and channel the life force that is demanding all of the above' - Dani, 37

'Self care, calm, clarity and self love- Jodie, 27

'I come to Sacred Union just to open more into myself" - Renee, 41

"Im experiencing the balancing of my feminine and masculine power which has united the spark in me to move forward in my life" - N, 64

"I feel balance, a coming into one, my all." Trish, 41

"A deepening of joy and connection' - Bec, 40

'The Goddess reached into my chest and held my heart in her hands.  It was the most amazing magical experience, so difficult to put into words.  It touched me so much.' - Annette 36 (speaking about her experience in a Sacred Union Dance class.)


All offerings from The Centre of Sacred Union are practices that draw from the Tantric, Egyptian and Taoist traditions.


As women we are naturally sensual.  When we are in touch with our senses we feel everything.  We are alive and vibrant, receptive and intuitive.  All of the practices in Sacred Union offer us a gateway into feeling more and tapping into our senses, our Sacred Sensuality.  The more in touch with your sensuality you are, the clearer your energy becomes and your vibration increases as you move emotions through the body.  Your sacred sensuality is a very potent resource inside of you.  Cultivating this sensual sacredness inside of you is a spiritual journey into yourself.  Your very own Sacred Union.


* Deepen and intensify your experience of life * Leave feeling balanced * Equally in flow and on purpose * Feel nourished from the inside-out * Learn how to listen to your body * Discover sensuality as a pathway to mindfulness * Increase your flexibility * Reduce Stress * Learn breathing techniques to harness your vitality *  Nourish Yourself * Move your body * Awaken your senses * Truly experience your Sacredness * 


Online Classes WORLDWIDE

In person: Canberra, ACT

Retreats:  South Coast NSW


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