Kelly Wolf

Once called "The most orgasmic woman on the planet" by USA sexological
expert and founder of Explosive Sexual Healing, Ben Rode.

I believe that every woman is energetically coded with the power and
potential to unlock the secrets of her feminine spirit and divine Sheba
nature through the awakening of her orgasmic core.

And that when a woman fully opens to the infinite possibilities of
her Orgasmic Potential, then she awakens to the infinite possibilities
not just in her intimate relationships but in every aspect of her life.

Knowing that women live their entire lives and enter the grave never
unlocking the most potent part of themselves is the ultimate
deprivation of the true feminine spirit and it brings tears to my eyes

It's why I do this powerful work. At one time I thought I knew all there 
was to know about the possibilities of my sexuality... but woah, was I wrong. It was during an explosive bodywork session that I surprised not just myself, but apparently every participant on the course, including the founder, who told me that this was true QUEEN energy.

It’s an experience that changed my life.  It led me to fully owning my gift and finally acknowledging my true power and purpose: to lead other women to a true orgasmically awakened existence.


This work will AMPLIFY that!  
It will remove anything that's in the way.  
The programs and the conditioning.. anything that's not who you truly are!


You want to claim all of who you are! Let's do it!

Kelly is the founder of Sacred Union Yoga & Dance, a Sacred Sexuality
Teacher, Yoni Massage Practitioner and Motivational Speaker.

She's also a devoted mother, burlesque dancer and self-confessed self-nourishment sensualist, who sets her soul on fire by lighting the way for women to expand into their highest potential without ever leaving
themselves, their values or their personal creativity behind.

Kelly's priestess presence, devotion and depth invite you into an
atmosphere of real transformation & genuine sacred magic.

Kelly has a Bachelor of Information Management: Major in Law,

is a Reiki Master - Usui, Tiger Reiki, Shiva-Shakti Reiki,

Bodytalk Practitioner, Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy, Neurolinguistics Practitioner,

Temple of She Accredited Yoni Massage Practitioner, has been teaching yoga and dance based 
in Taoist, Tantric & Egyptian philosophies for over 10 years, and has 
completed intensive study in the USA in Explosive Sexual Healing.